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Upcoming Courses



Live @ Lunch - Webinar Series Subscription 

March 8/ May 3/ August 23/ October 11/ December 6 @ 12pm - 1pm CT - Zoom 

There are five 1-hour courses included in the webinar series and each can be purchased separately.  A recording of each of these programs are posted after the live program for non-live credit. 


How Will Medical Cannabis Impact My Practice? (What Do I Need to Know?)

Wednesday, March 8, 2023 @ 12pm - 1pm CT - Zoom 

This program is designed as an overview of the Alabama Medical Cannabis regulations.  Best practices for practitioners who see patients receiving medical cannabis will be reviewed.   A case activity will review the decision making for complex patients.



A Practical Approach to PDMP Usage: A Townhall Event - In-Person

April 26 @ 5:30pm CT  - Tuscaloosa, AL 

An interactive, 2-hour training session regarding PDMP Usage. Practical application across healthcare professionals with targeted content around common prescribing errors, account maintenance, understanding of prescriber, and patient reports.


Mark Your Calendars for this Year's Consultant Program Scheduled for July 14th and 15th! More Details and Registration Information Coming Soon!

Featured On-Demand Programs

Recorded COVID-19Approaching the Vaccine Patient: An Evidence-based approach to Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unique challenges for vulnerable and underserved communities. Limited access to care, distrust of the medical community, and lack of reliable sources of information complicate efforts to improve the health of vulnerable populations, specifically in COVID-19 vaccine uptake. Research has found pharmacists are one of the most trusted sources of health information for their communities and are essential in the fight against vaccine hesitancy and misinformation. The purpose of this program is to present pharmacists and other healthcare professionals  with approaches for addressing vaccine hesitancy in the communities they serve.


Recorded COVID-19 in 2023 

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve at a rapid pace.  New pharmacotherapies and vaccines are under continual development, and information is quickly changing.  This program will provide the most up to date information available about the pandemic and will focus on vaccination and treatment strategies. 



Appropriate sterile compounding is an essential skill for pharmacists involved in the provision of sterile products. The U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) has established standards for preparing sterile products, but these standards undergo periodic revisions and updates.  This program will provide an update on the current status of USP guidance for sterile compounding. 


Recorded - Are You Up-To-Date? Immunization Update 2022 

Pharmacists who administer vaccines are required to have continuing education on the topic. In Alabama, 2 hours are needed every renewal cycle. This presentation will review how to determine what vaccines a patient needs, provide an update on immunization requirements, and discuss best practices and techniques for administering vaccines. 


Recorded 2022 Preceptor Development

This unique program was developed to educate and assist preceptors on interprofessional education, motivating students, improving student performance, demonstrating to students the importance all practice settings, and improving overall communication. Engaging material will include interactive lectures, group discussions, and real-world examples.


Principles of Pharmacogenomics - Recorded 

This presentation will provide an introduction to the fundamental principles of pharmacogenomics.  


Prescription Stimulant Misuse - Recorded - FREE 

Current statistics of misuse, vulnerable populations, and rationale for misuse will be discussed. Signs and symptoms of misuse and abuse, along with how to manage patients presenting with toxic effects of prescription stimulants.


Hidden (and Legal) Highs - Substances of Abuse You May Not Have Heard Of - Recorded - FREE

An evaluation of non-traditional, legal, substances that are being misused and abused in the community to achieve legal intoxications.


Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping - Recorded - FREE

This presentation will provide an overview of the history, regulation, and marketing of e-cigs, as well as the potential health and safety risks. It will also include counseling points for providers.


Treatment for Tobacco Use Disorder: A Focus on Medications - Recorded - FREE

This presentation will discuss prevalence, impact, and treatment of tobacco use disorder. FDA-Approved medications for smoking cessation will be reviewed, including counseling points and access limitations.


Opioid Use Disorder - Recorded - FREE

This presentation will review National and AL data on OUD and use pattern trends. We will discuss risk factors, behavioral clues, and DSM criteria. Epidemiology and prevalence will be discussed. The changing opioid crisis will be discussed, as well as the impact of medical cannabis use on patients prescribed opioids for various conditions. 


Cannabis Use Disorder - Recorded - FREE

National and Alabama use patterns & trends will be discussed including data from treatment admissions. Risk factors and DSM criteria along with prevalence and epidemiology will be reviewed. A description of available products and relative potency.



This program will provide an overview of the Alabama Pharmacy Collaborative Practice Act (CPA) and offer guidance to pharmacists on how to get started.


Recorded: LIVE @ LUNCH - New Drug Update

The presentation will provide an update on new drugs approved by the FDA over the past calendar year.

This program has been approved by the ALBOP for continuing education credit to meet Consultant licensure requirements. 











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